Primezone - Unipoles

Unipole is a traditional mode of advertising. It stands really tall in the cityscape, speaking volumes about your brand round the clock. Well, at Primezone, we design unipoles that never fail to catch the eye of your target audience. We take pride in making the maximum use of this wonderful advertising mode.

Create a loud impression

We place unipoles generally along high traffic roadways in order to appeal to a big crowd pretty easily. We are aware of the fact that a well placed unipole conveys your brand message much faster and it creates a truly dominant impression on your audience.

Enjoy customized services

At Primezone, we can customize your unipole advertisement. Our team is capable of skillfully exploiting the unipole to benefit our clients. We choose the specific venue of the campaign wisely depending on the demographics of a region. We strongly believe that this strategy works great when addressing a specific & potential audience.

Communicable medium

It is true that Unipole communicates in a much better way with its audience compared to any other outdoor advertising medium. When it comes to a promotional campaign or a specific event, they are believed to be the most open and the fastest canvassing weapon! 

Our team has a solid experience in the design and installation of high quality unipoles. Our products are totally compliant with the industry standards as we utilize global quality parameters to deliver the best quality.


What we have done.

DC – 1 A,B
GB – 1 A,B
GB – 2 A,B
GR – 1 A,B
GR – 2 A,B
GR – 3 A,B
GR – 4 A,B
GR – 5 A,B
GR – 6 A,B
GR – 7 A,B
KHR – 1 A,B
KHR – 2 A,B
MB – 2 A,B
PR – 1 A,B
TC – 1 A,B