Primezone – Rooftops

When you have something to say, why not boast about it from the Creativity, reaching out to everyone? Building Creativity form unique and extremely visible locations when it comes to billboard advertising. Roof advertising is an ideal choice provided your campaign demands a high number of special impressions on a consistent basis. Needless to mention, roof ads are a new yet powerful medium to promote your brand and believe us – no one does it much better than Primezone!

Roof advertising comes in handy as a distinct outdoor advertising opportunity which delivers your message effectively to a captive audience. At Primezone, we place your logo on the most visible surfaces as well as we install full color roof advertisements that grab attention. 

Rooftop hoardings at Primezone take your brand, business or campaign to the next level. Make use of this excellent opportunity of partnering with us and move ahead with a stunning promotional campaign that captures the imagination and steals the attention of your audience from the skyscrapers. 

At Primezone, our team of experts in the domain is committed to offer your brand prime visibility; ultimately, not only does your roof advertisement stand out, but it stands apart from the competition!


What we have done.

RTH – 2nd December / Jumeirah Al Wasl Road Intersection
RT ZB – In-Route to Maktoum Bridge