At Prime Zone, we develop effective and creative outdoor marketing campaigns that make your brand stand out from the rest and win business! The 3D hoardings we build deliver brand promise at just a fraction of the ad expenditure spent on other mediums.

The expert team at Prime Zone is capable of creating an eye-catching row of exciting virtual shops which makes the hoardings almost ‘disappear’ altogether. Likewise, we can convert an unappealing cover up into a beautiful country scene with hedging and dry stone wall merging into the surroundings. What’s more, we can even help you use hoardings to reflect the events of local or historical interest. Whether it is a brand, event or anything else that you want to promote, our creative graphic designers can turn the hoardings into an asset!

Partner with us and take your advertisement to a new level!

We, at Prime Zone, are geared towards taking the advertisement quotient to the next higher level by designing a set of hoardings with several unique design choices and allow the client to choose their favorite one.

Just provide us the content, your inputs and believe in us. Our creative professionals put in their heart and soul to express your content visually in a way that it stamps a mark in the minds and hearts of your target audience.

Get in touch with us today and capitalize on our extensive & creative 3D graphics expertise and experience.


What we have done.

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